About US

Our Company

MASS Beverly is at the forefront of international luxury home design showrooms in the world.  Our philosophy and desire for continuous evolution has inspired us to assemble an extensive and innovative collection of leading European brands. 

The result is a selection that combines incredible design, sophistication and diverse creative interpretations that architects, interior designers, and buyers can now access and utilize in their projects. Our goal is to create a highly personalized and  unique home environment for our clients and collaborators.

Product Categories

Our partners create products of the highest quality standards. We also offer customized selections that perfectly integrate the European sensibility and Southern California lifestyle.

Combining traditional artisanal methods with high tech design allows us to supply the most advanced solution without sacrificing our design aesthetic. 


  • Antonio Lupi
  • Salvatori
  • ToscoQuattro
  • Neutra

Bedroom and Textiles

  • Ivano Redaelli
  • Loro Piana


  • Rimadesio


  • Gessi
  • MGS


  • IVAS
  • Mutina
  • Brix
  • Tosco Marmi
  • Salvatori

Indoor Furniture

  • Bottega Veneta
  • Henge
  • Rimadesio
  • Bimar
  • Gallotti&Radice
  • GTV Thonet
  • Teckell


  • Ernesto Meda
  • Miele
  • Gaggenau
  • Scanomat
  • Irinox
  • KNindustrie


  • Viabizzuno
  • Arch XX
  • Apure Porsche Lighting

Outdoor Furniture

  • Expormim
  • Exteta
  • Meridiani
  • Royal Botania


  • Casalis
  • cc-tapis

Shelving & Storage

  • Rimadesio
  • Misura Emme