About us

We are exclusivity

MASS Beverly is a leading design showroom with a range of sophisticated international luxury design products and in-house capabilities. Representing an exclusive collection of innovative and elevated European brands, the West Hollywood showroom offers a 360-degree approach to design, with a comprehensive selection of high-end and custom modern furniture brands.

We are founders

Debuting in 2014, MASS Beverly is the brainchild of design visionary Mary Ta, founder of the Minotti Los Angeles showroom, and Lars Hypko, a trained architect and expert in application of high-end custom furniture systems.

Together, they have introduced a full-service, comprehensive modern design concept, procurement, logistics and installation resource platform with showroom fronts offering an extensive collection of leading European brands across indoor, outdoor loose and fixed furnishings, surface, lighting and accessories categories.


We are partners

Under an umbrella of three buildings containing over 20,000 sq ft representing over 100 brands and a staff of 52, MASS Beverly has evolved into a sought-after partner for marquis commercial and residential projects around the world to support design, architect and developer clients earning media recognition for all the projects.
The customized design selections perfectly integrate European sensibility with American lifestyle, combining traditional artisanal methods and high tech design without compromising on the design aesthetic.

We are our clients

We are committed to finding every solution to satisfy the dreams of our clients. Each project is unique and must reflect the soul of those who live it.
Our clients include world-renowned architects, designers and developers as well as prominent industry leaders.