"So much has been going on for all of us, it’s honestly been hard to process everything and keep focus. In the big picture I feel with the lockdown and protests it’s shown me how fragile we all are and how we can no longer take for granted our ‘normal’ day to day lives. The time is now so seize the moment while you still can."

What kinds of projects is your office currently undertaking? Have you experienced shifts in residential design now that people are spending time at home?

We are working 100% on residential projects at this time. Mostly all over California - from San Francisco, Atherton, Tahoe, Montecito, Santa Barbara, and LA. Some great new ground-up houses with noted modern architects as well as an important Case Study home by Pierre Koenig. We have been very fortunate because we have gotten busier during this time which I did not see coming. I feel our clients have had some more time to focus and plan on projects they have been putting off, finally purchasing that vacation home, planning that delayed move, etc. As a result we’ve been able to keep everyone busy and fully employed in the office which has been a blessing.

What is making you optimistic for the future?

I am looking forward to a more inclusive and equitable design space which is long overdue. The shutdown and the protests have illuminated marginalized populations of individuals who are underrepresented in so many industries including ours for sure. Everyone is finally taking notice including me. In our office we definitely have a diverse cross section of people, which I feel represents LA. However, I understand now more than ever that I definitely got a leg up in my interior design career because I am a gay, white male. And also in retrospect how so many young designers are automatically at a disadvantage just by their race or gender. We all have to do our part to help change the dynamics for the next generation.

What was life like before things changed for us in March?

I work all the time and that has not changed, but I’m now feeling less guilty for not socializing much. I was traveling a lot before the shutdown and I do miss that and not seeing my family in NY yet I am liking a slightly simpler life these days. 

What do your days look like now?

We have a 10 month old puppy so my life is now consumed with the dog and work. And when we can time cooking and taking nighttime walks with my boyfriend (and the Zeppo the dog).

You’ve been exploring your mid-Wilshire neighborhood on foot. What are some architectural gems you’ve discovered? (and if you can provide photos, that would be great.

We live in an area called Wilshire Vista, the less fancy neighbor of Carthay Circle. This community was built mostly in the 1920s-1940s and is made up of well-appointed duplexes and triplexes. I love to study the variations on deco, Spanish mission, Tudor, Georgian and all the other styles that were fantasy interpretations but nonetheless charming. We actually bought a house a few blocks away from where we are living now in Wilshire Vista – a 1930’s lovely Spanish and a MAJOR FIXER. So we walk over daily and have picnics there while under construction.

You do a great job of sharing the work of other artists and designers on your Instagram. Are you turning to any new or different work by artists, designers, architects for inspiration these days?

Instagram for me is a blessing and a curse. It’s an incredible resource to find new makers and designers but it’s also a black hole that I sometimes wake up from an hour later with a hangover. BUT I will say it’s one of few places where I can seriously count on to find new artists, galleries and craftsmen of tremendous talent. So yes some of my favorites right now are:

Do you cook at home? If so, do you have a favorite recipe or a local restaurant that you’ve enjoyed getting takeout from?

We do cook a lot at home. AND we do a lot of take out. Our go to favorite take out is always Thai food. It’s on our list to visit the night markets in Bangkok when it’s safe to travel again. Our favorite local Thai restaurant for delivery is Chao Krung on North Fairfax – sooo good!