Rossana is characterized by its vocation to research stylistic and quality materials, which has led to a outstanding and exclusive mix of innovations while respecting the environment. With this kitchen, the interior designer and architect are called to action and are given space for their creative freedom.

An exclusive customization makes Rossana a more haute couture rather than prêt-à-porter brand, a truly unique piece for your home. The criteria for handcrafted kitchens draws directly from the best of Italian knowhow tradition. These long-standing practices are based on a historical and aesthetic culture where competence distinguishes every single piece and achieves an unmatched result and high added value.

The wireless technology under the countertop allows you to recharge smartphones and tablets simply by contact with the surface.

Our Rossana Kitchen is provided of a superior quality oven signed by Alfa. Flawless and performing, it is the best appliance for your home as well as for a restaurant.

When you are shrouded by the best, staying at home can be more pleasing than you think. Imagine being able to bake a hot crunchy pizza from your Alfa Quattro Pro Oven, like in the best of Italian restaurants. Autumn brings unique colors and flavors, to be combined, tested, discovered. 

Perfect ingredients for a perfect pizza: pumpkin, mushrooms, walnuts, aged cheese and the scent of sage and pomegranate. 

Try to use it all in an amazing recipe and take the best from this oven.