Serge Attukwei Clottey (b. 1985, Accra, Ghana) is an artist living and working in Accra, Ghana. Working primarily in sculpture, photography, installation, and performance. Attukwei Clottey has received international acclaim and recognition for his radically unique revisioning of scrap materials. Often working with readily-available discarded plastics found near his home of Accra, Ghana, Attukwei Clottey shapes, cuts, weaves, binds and refuses the pieces into vibrant and vital reimagined art objects. Tactile and formally beautiful, Attukwei Clottey’s sculptures, installations, garments and masks point to the unabiding human need to create.

Brian Harte (born 1978 in County Tipperary, Ireland) is an artist living and working in Thurles, Ireland. Working primarily as a painter, Harte creates stark and cinematic pictorial images of domestic scenes. Harte balances energetic painterly abstraction with tightly composed interiors, taking conceptual cues from such varied cultural figures as Franz Kafka, Philip Guston, The Brothers Quay, and Albert Oehlen. Illustrative and filled with fragmented narratives, Harte’s paintings are formally and conceptually intriguing, allowing the

viewer to project and explore.